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Calabasas extends many opportunities 
to partner with us on advertising to the mommy community.  

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You can reach us outside of our regular business hours using this contact form. If you have questions, requests or ideas, don't hesitate to contact us. We're always happy to hear from you!

Leader Board

$150 /month   728 x 90 pixel    - static home page leader board


Building Blocks  
$125 /month
    250 x 250 pixel  - block ads appear in left navigation column; static / run-of-site


$150  /month    250 x 400 pixel  - "skyscraper" ad positioned at left column, below "Building Blocks"; run-of-site

ABC 1-2-3 

$175  /month     250 x 600 pixel - "skyscraper" ad positioned at left column, below "Building Blocks"; run-of-site

The Big Event          
$200/ month
    728 x 90 pixel - Static Leader Board / top of page Events Page positioning

Banner Ad  

$75/month        468 x 60 pixel - Top Of Page:  Premium Pages - Static Banners

$50/month        468 x 60 pixel - Bottom Of Page:  Premium Pages - Static Banners




Your write-up posted to the home page of Calabasas Mommy; includes your logo/link to your website and a write up provided by advertiser.

Advertising Terms are 6/mos and 12/mos.

50% payment due at the time of reservation, and 50% due mid-term.